Welcome to KIS Online

KIS Online provides interactive online support for all registered KIS (version 2.2 or higher) system users. To access the KIS Online system, you need to have a user name and password. To get a user name and password, contact the system operator at your site.

KIS Online allows for entry of support calls, custom programming requests, and Wishlist requests.

Once you are logged in, you will see a screen showing any outstanding support calls, custom requests or Wishlist requests for your organization. You may also click the “Wishlist” links provided to see all outstanding, completed and rejected Wishlist requests. Click the “Help” link to view documentation about the KIS Online system.

Tips for using KIS Online

Customer support is the top priority of the KIS Online system. If you have questions about the operation of the KIS product, enter them using the “Support” tab.

For changes that are needed urgently by your agency, or for changes specific to your agency, KIS Online provides the “Custom” tab. Enter items on this tab to receive quotes from KIS for program changes you request.

The “Wishlist” tab is provided to allow you to enter program requests and changes that you would like to have considered for inclusion in the KIS product. Wishlist requests are visible to all valid KIS Online users, and anyone (including Knight Software) can post comments, suggestions, attachments, etc. about your request. The interest generated by Wishlist requests is one of the indicators that Knight Software, Inc. uses to determine which changes would benefit the most clients. When posting comments on Wishlist requests, please try to detail how the Wishlist request would benefit your agency. Comments explaining how a particular Wishlist request actually would affect your agency carry more weight with Knight Software, Inc. than a simple “I agree” comment (which any user could type without really understanding the impact of a change on their agency).


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